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Partners: Now Easier to Ramp Sales, Reap Rewards With Brocade

by Kristina Scott on ‎05-23-2016 11:51 PM (3,208 Views)

To make it even easier for partners to ramp sales, and to reap rewards for doing business with Brocade, we’ve launched two new, consolidated and exciting platforms:




The Brocade Partner Network Resource Center: Our sales and marketing portal, with sales assets and a choice of lead generation activities now organized by solutions and channel competencies --  Campus, Data Center, Software and Storage – to get you what you need in fewer clicks.  Expanded capabilities include the ability to set up and manage webinars and in-person events, streaming web content and social network posts to generate leads, and partner webcasts. 


The Brocade Partner Network Incentives Center: One stop for Brocade’s various channel incentives, including Brocade Rewards, Marketing Development Funds (MDF) and Value Incentive Program (VIP) rebates. This just-launched platform eliminates the hassle of managing multiple processes, interfaces and reports to get a better handle of your incentives.


All Brocade registered channel partners are able to take advantage of the Resource Center and the Incentives Center. Access the Resource Center at For the Incentives Center, visit and click on the Incentives Center link. If you’re a Brocade partner, please bookmark both of these URLs.


Not yet a Brocade channel partner? Sign up now at and find out how easy it is to ramp your business with Brocade.