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Partner Status-Quo-Breakers Wanted! Enter for a Chance to Win Brocade Rewards.

by Kristina Scott on ‎05-20-2014 02:15 PM (2,223 Views)

Brocade partners! Brocade appreciates that you’re willing to break out of status-quo thinking, status-quo selling and status-quo solutions to deliver the best possible answer to your customers’ challenges.


Tell us how you do it – and win


How did you or your organization go against convention with a status-quo-breaking approach to a sale? What did you do that challenged everyday thinking, or looked past the obvious, to deliver the solution your customer really needed? We’re on the look-out for stories of original thinking, of not taking ‘no’ as the final answer, and of going against the grain. Whether it was in your unique targeting, solution packaging or salesmanship, or in the way you secured the deal.


Share your status-quo-busting story for a chance to win $200 in Brocade Rewards. It literally takes just a couple minutes.


Learn more and enter now.