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My Cloud Based Life: Business at the Sharp End of the Cloud

by Dawn.Morris on ‎11-03-2011 04:50 AM (846 Views)

It is incredible how ‘connected’ our lives are today.  Increasingly sophisticated wireless devices are becoming common every day tools, leading us to expect – and as business people be expected – to be connected wherever we are.  We do not work from a desk, buy things off the shop floor, or move money at the bank teller anymore. We perform these activities online, and are no longer sat on a specific server, mainframe, network or PC. It’s all ‘out there’ in the ‘cloud’.  But what is the cloud? And is it a safe, viable way to enable our connect-on-the-go business lives?


In this environment, remote workers and remote devices lead to ‘remote’ data and ‘remote’ applications, which places huge strain on IT resources.  They are at the sharp end of the cloud, and that sharp end is increasingly virtualized.

The increased flexibility, managed and predictable cost, and considerable reduction on both CAPEX and OPEX have seen demand and adoption of cloud-services.  Cloud takes away a lot of the pain and the problems of enabling the business at the speed required in a highly digitised economy, but not all, and companies still need the right network to assure connectivity.  While many people switch off as soon as they hear the word ‘network’,  in a world where information is as vital to the survival of a business as water is to people, the network is our pipeline, and the switches, directors, controllers and other ‘boxes’ that create the network system are the plumbing.  To advise customers, you (our partners) need to know how to communicate just how vital the right network topology is.


In a true ‘virtual enterprise’, the network infrastructure must be cloud-optimised through a highly virtualized environment that is simple, flexible and scalable, offering high performance and secure connectivity. Simplicity is the key, and with the right management application, users can even do it via their mobile!    However, it doesn’t stop there.


The cloud-optimized network is designed to reduce cost, improve agility, and extend virtualisation across the data centre. A key enabling technology is Ethernet fabric – a new approach to network design that is revolutionising data centre architectures.  Compared to classic hierarchical Ethernet networks, the Ethernet fabric delivers higher levels of performance, utilization, availability, and simplicity.  So as far as the data center is concerned, if virtualisation revolutionised computing and the iPod revolutionised music on the move, Ethernet fabrics are revolutionising networking.  But if you try and build a cloud on ‘old plumbing’ and traditional network designs, then you’ll just end up with problems raining down while the IT department drowns... in data, in support calls, in system failures.

Ethernet fabrics are an opportunity you must not miss, so learn more here and be the answer to your customers’ prayers.