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Mud, dirt and dust: The homes that partnership built

by Regan.McGrath on ‎06-11-2013 06:39 PM - last edited on ‎10-28-2013 09:55 PM by bcm1 (1,434 Views)

Thanks to our fantastic partners and great work by the Brocade channel teams, our recent Partner Summit for our American and Federal partners was a huge success.  It made me feel incredibly proud of everything we have achieved together. But no-where was that sense of partnership, commitment, and generosity of spirit more evident than we when came together on the day after the Summit to support the fantastic work of Habitat for Humanity NOLA (New Orleans Local Area).


Brocade execs, yes including myself – see the photo evidence below! – and over 70 summit attendees were proud to get dusty, muddy, and downright dirty to build four new homes for families in need.  It just went to show what working together can really achieve, something we all perhaps lose track of in the day to day round of meetings, sales numbers, calls, and admin.


We all felt tremendous pride and satisfaction in being part of something like Habitat for Humanity, even if in a small way.  I would like to thank my team, the partners who joined us, and the amazing and dedicated people at the Habitat for Humanity organization for being part of something that reminds each and every one of us what “working in partnership” should really mean, and can ultimately achieve.


Watch the video here: