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Moving Government Networks from Pac-Man to Halo 5: Introducing Your Federal Customer to the New IP

by jmuscare ‎03-28-2016 08:23 AM - edited ‎03-28-2016 08:24 AM (3,071 Views)

“Too often government IT is like an Atari game in an Xbox world.” That quote, from a Wall Street Journal op-ed by President Barack Obama on his recent cybersecurity action plan sums up a discussion that, in the last year, has grown into a major agenda item for the federal agencies you work with.


As you know, cloud, mobility, big data, and the Internet of Things are transforming enterprises across the world enabling faster processes, better decision-making and increased efficiency. Federal agencies recognize this potential as well. From legislation like the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA), to bringing on private sector tech expertise like Federal CIO Tony Scott, the federal government is making a concerted effort to adopt new technologies to increase mission success and service delivery.  


However, challenges persist. In many cases, federal government IT infrastructure was designed and deployed decades ago. It was never intended to handle today’s complex workloads, is notoriously difficult and expensive to both maintain and upgrade, and is unable to support much-needed security solutions. Simply put, federal networks are past their expiration dates.


The federal government knows this. Recently the White House released its 2017 federal budget proposal, requesting $3.1 billion to upgrade and replace antiquated IT and transition agency technology to newer, more secure and modern IT systems.


What does this mean for Brocade’s channel partners and their federal customers? This is a fantastic time to educate customers on the value of the New IP.


An industry term that describes the next evolution of networking, the New IP is based on open standards, designed to be scalable, agile, user friendly and able to accommodate the demands of modern technology. New IP-based infrastructure allows federal agency customers to fully leverage the power of new technology today and prepare for the technology tomorrow brings.


New IP networks grant agencies the flexibility to scale and adapt their networks so that when they want to deploy virtualized desktop environments, they can. When agencies seek to increase mobile platform use or accommodate BYOD policies, they can. If agencies want to take advantage of the Internet of Things and drastically increase the amount of data they gather, they can. Perhaps most importantly, the New IP allows agencies to deploy new security technologies to reduce the growing risk of cyber attack. New IP networks create endless IT opportunities for agencies to explore.


With a potential $3.1 billion for new modernization initiatives, now is the time for partners to introduce their customers to what the New IP can do for them. As a Brocade partner, you have the opportunity to deliver the infrastructure government needs for mission success.


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