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How to Talk to Your Customers About the Most Important Element of Digital Transformation: The Network

by Kristina Scott on ‎10-03-2016 09:45 AM (4,546 Views)

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the possibilities available to your customers. With big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, mobile and other trends offering opportunities to improve how they run their businesses, it is important not to forget about the backbone of what keeps these technologies running – the network.


Brocade is leading the charge in the development of New IP networks designed to support digital transformation, and if you are here, it’s because you recognize that. However, there may be aspects of the New IP with which your customers are unfamiliar. We distilled five benefits to help you talk about the New IP to your customers and communicate its value to their enterprises AND on our Brocade Partner Network Resource Center we have sales tools to help you lead the conversation.


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The New IP starts with open standards, a simple principle with big implications. Based on open, interoperable standards, New IP networks enable faster innovation, reduce vendor lock-in, and empower your customers to choose technology that meets their business needs. Open standards-based networks also make it easier for you to ensure the vendors you select can work together seamlessly. Help your customers break the vendor lock-in cycle, develop the network they need and achieve significant cost savings over time.


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In the fast-paced world of digital transformation, the last thing your customers want to worry about is making frequent manual network adjustment. Software-defined New IP networks give your customers complete control over their network’s functions, allowing them the freedom to programmatically control the way data flows through the network and enabling unparalleled speed, security and future-proofing in the process.


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Often one of the biggest fears for organizations on the precipice of a major network overhaul is the high cost and potentially significant disruption of making a major change all at once. Will the effort be a success and prove to be a valuable long-term investment?


Your customers can eliminate this fear and make upgrade cycles a thing of the past. New IP network solutions are available through Brocade Network Subscription, a unique procurement approach that allows you to scale the network up and down to meet changing traffic demands. With network subscription, your customers have virtually unlimited upgradability and scalability, all with predictable costs.


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Old IP network infrastructure requires a significant investment of time and money just to stay running, reducing resources available for other IT innovation. With software-defined environments and increased network automation, the cost associated with network maintanence will steadily decrease, making it easier for your customers to invest in digital transformation and the emerging technologies that will help them grow their business.


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Digital transformation technologies can enable possibilities for organizations that we never would have considered 20 years ago. From information about patient health gathered through big data analytics to immense efficiency improvements resulting from cloud and mobile, digital transformation is revolutionizing your customer expectations.


Old IP networks were not designed to support the digital transformation-driven enterprise of today. With software-driven, automated and agile New IP networks as the foundation, your customers can seamlessly take advantage of new technology as it emerges – helping them innovate and compete in today’s ever-changing the market.


To access and share these graphics on your social networks -- to tell the New IP story visually -- check out "Social" from the left-hand navigation of the Brocade Partner Network Resource Center.  And by clicking on "New IP" from the Resource Center home page, you'll find presentations, white papers and more to use in your New IP conversations with customers.