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Five Ways to Help Your Customers Understand the New IP

by Kristina Scott ‎11-16-2015 11:32 PM - edited ‎11-17-2015 01:45 PM (3,377 Views)

Looking for the next opener for your sales pitch? Here are 5 ways you can catch the attention of customers and prospects with the New IP, an approach to radically transforming your customer’s network.




1.  In many cases legacy infrastructure is based on proprietary standards that limit available technology options. In order for your customers to truly align with the enterprise infrastructure strategy needed to meet their business goals, they must be free to choose the solutions best for their unique environment. This is possible through open standards, which also provide the added benefit of reducing costs.   




2.  Hardware-only networks are no longer sufficient for your customers’ needs, limiting their ability to fully appreciate technologies like cloud and mobile. On the other hand, software-enabled networks accelerate the rate of innovation through greater automation and programmability, giving administrators end-to-end visibility of their network flows and the ability to support the IT revolution happening around them.




3.   Manual, legacy networks were not designed to support megatrends like big data, cloud and mobility – but these trends are important to your customers today. Being first to take advantage of network automation presents a huge opportunity for your customers as they incorporate emerging trends. Automated network technology can redirect traffic to address the hard-to-anticipate demands created by today’s megatrends, creating a more efficient environment for your customers and reducing unnecessary downtime.




4.  Legacy network infrastructure requires high maintenance costs to continue running effectively, limiting the funds your customers have available for innovation and other priorities. The New IP is based on more efficient and cost effective network technologies and can also be supported through subscription-based acquisition models, which give your customers the option to pay for network infrastructure as-a-service. As a result, your customers can optimize their network costs, paying only for what they need. Open standards and the use of multivendor networks can also generate cost savings.      




5.  The slow infrastructure upgrade cycles of yesterday cannot support your customers’ needs today. The New IP promotes collaboration among an ecosystem of vendors, through open standards, which collectively accelerates the pace of innovation for your customers. Additionally, network subscription models remove barriers to innovation by eliminating upfront costs and risks. Solutions like Brocade Network Subscription enable your customers to upgrade to accommodate for innovation in as little as 60 days.


Build these powerful benefits of the New IP into your sales pitch today. We’ve developed an infographic and slides to give you a head start. Please visit the Kit/Portfolio on the Brocade Partner Network Resource Center.


Good selling with Brocade!