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Ethernet Fabrics for the New Data Center

by jcarroll on ‎02-22-2013 05:31 PM (858 Views)

Build Your Own Ethernet Fabric at Partner Exchange

As mentioned by Patric Chang in his recent post, Take Charge of the New Data Center, Brocade will have a big presence at this year’s VMware Partner Exchange (PEX). As noted, attending partners will hone their solution selling skills in three key areas:

    1. Software-defined Data Center (SDDC)
    2. End User Computing (EUC)
    3. Hybrid Clouds

These solution areas, driven by advanced virtualization, are causing data center architects to rethink the current, traditional three-tier network design and consider a migration to a flatter network design. According to a recent IDC report, traditional hierarchical networking approaches simply can't address the bandwidth, latency, and scalability requirements demanded by the advanced virtualization capabilities inherent in the paradigm of the new data center.

Brocade VCS Fabric technology is explicitly designed to meet these challenges, allowing users to greatly decrease the operational costs of networking by providing a highly reliable, simple, scalable networking infrastructure. The Brocade VDX Data Center switches deliver VCS Fabric technology and are revolutionizing the way data center networks are architected. Brocade VCS Fabrics deliver:

  • New levels of automation that streamline network capacity deployment
  • Dramatic improvements in efficiency and resource utilization compared to legacy network topologies and protocols
  • Higher performance and scalability for massive network capacity growth
  • Greater agility to deploy network services in both virtual and physical form factors


And you can Build Your Own Ethernet Fabric in about 10 minutes. Our own Josh Oelrich shows how during the December 2012 Gartner Data Center Conference:

Josh will be at PEX, too -- stop by Brocade's booth #208 to build one for yourself.

Brocade VCS Fabric technology is ideal for partners who look to deliver scalable EUC solutions, robust and reliable cloud deployments, and SDDC enabling data center networks. Enjoy Partner Exchange 2013!