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Driving Sales Through Innovation and Market Leadership: Brocade Facts

by Kristina Scott ‎06-30-2016 02:31 PM - edited ‎06-30-2016 02:40 PM (4,932 Views)

Last year, Channel Pulse introduced you to some of Brocade’s differentiators and little-known facts that support your customers’ interests and needs. Dedicated to innovation driven by New IP technologies, Brocade is committed to offering the most reliable, efficient and secure networks to help your customers take advantage of emerging technologies like cloud, mobile and big data to meet their business objectives. For example, we highlighted how Brocade was the first to market with Gen5 Fibre Channel storage networking and how nearly one-third of all Internet traffic uses Brocade’s networks.


Just as your customers' needs continue to evolve, Brocade is continuing to innovate, expand our leadership and support the future of enterprise. How are we improving what we offer for you and your customers in 2016? Brocade is…


A Trusted Leader: You may already know that Brocade is the market leader in IP storage fabrics. What you may not have known is that Brocade provides four times the performance at the same price as our competitors. We recognize that your customers want to know their networks are trusted, tested and reliable. With Brocade network technologies, they have access to some of the leading and most frequently used solutions in the industry with greater performance and value than the competition.


An Innovation Engine: There’s a lot of talk in the marketplace about the need for innovation. At Brocade, we put our money where our mouth is: We’re investing 17 percent of our revenue towards research and development. We also recognize that true innovation doesn’t occur in siloes. We’re dedicated to open technologies that allow your customers to use Brocade technology while also working seamlessly with the best in the industry in other categories. As an innovation engine, Brocade both brings to market cutting-edge solutions, while also allowing you and your customers to easily work other vendors to suite their unique needs.


A Partner with Eyes Towards the Future: The marketplace is changing and your customer’s needs are evolving. By the year 2020, spending on the Internet of Things is expected to be well into the trillions while mobile growth and cloud spending simultaneously expand. There is no question that these technologies will continue to add traffic to your customers’ networks, requiring them to seek new solutions to address unpredictable and ever-expanding demands. Brocade’s New IP technology is helping meet this demand with our focus on open, software-driven platforms that leverage cloud, mobile, social and big data.


We encourage you to continue the conversation with your customers to let them know why you’ve chosen to work with Brocade and the benefits they’re receiving as a result – especially the benefits they might not be aware of.


The infographic below is designed to support you when you speak to your customers. We encourage you to join Social on Demand, by selecting Social from the home page of the Brocade Partner Network Resource Center, to gain access to weekly tweets and posts that use this infographic and many others like it, which can help drive your social selling. You can also download the infographic here, or on the Brocade Partner Network Resource Center where you can also find many other sales and lead generation resources.


Brocade_DidYouKnow_Infographic_June 30 2016.jpg


What did you learn about Brocade? Tell us what is resonating with your customers.