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Channel Survey Snapshot #2: Turning Cloud Investments into Business Opportunities

by Kristina Scott on ‎03-01-2016 09:49 AM (2,943 Views)

The cloud storm is brewing and it is big. How big? Almost every forecast shows cloud spending spiking in the near future. In fact, in a recent worldwide survey of our channel partners, 51 percent of you said that cloud computing and virtualization would be the trends with the biggest impact on your customers in 2016. This probably comes as no surprise; after all, the cloud is transforming business worldwide. Just a few weeks ago, Netflix announced it had finished migrating all of its IT applications and operations to the cloud, making the cloud now the backbone of an entire $6.7 billion dollar company. And that is just one example.




While not all businesses are ready for the cloud on that scale, many are turning to the cloud for the huge benefits it offers over traditional IT. Your customers want more consumption models for their technology and as-a-service cloud models offer just that. With cloud computing, your customers are able to provision immediately available computing resources with a few clicks, easily store and access vast quantities of data and scale any of those services to meet fluctuating demands – all with low capital investment.


However, cloud adoption does present your customers with challenges. Adding an off-premises storage and compute solution reduces challenges associated with data center management, but increases demand on their network. As your customers migrate applications to the cloud, they will require greater network performance.


For example, cloud-enabled desktop virtualization lowers cost, speeds time-to-deployment and reduces maintenance needs. However, a slow network connection can result in a frustrated customer; and loss of connectivity can result in the total inoperability of the system. In other words, enterprises rely on the network to support all their cloud operations. Migrating data and applications on the cloud does your customers little good if the network isn’t up to the task. Your customers need options that allow them to achieve their business goals.


As a Brocade partner, you have the opportunity to provide your customers with the best networking solutions available for integrating cloud into their enterprise. This means you can transform the massive cloud investment occurring across industry into even bigger sales growth for your company.


Based on these opportunities, we recently expanded our highly automated, scalable, and extensive data center fabric and network virtualization solutions with the release of new Brocade IP Fabric technology on the Brocade VDX® switch family. This technology will enable your data center customers of all sizes to accelerate their transition to the cloud with confidence.


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