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Brocade's WW Channels VP: "We want partners, and their customers, to have more choice, flexibility and control.”

by Kristina Scott on ‎02-26-2015 11:43 AM (2,308 Views)


In a recent interview published in CRN, Brocade VP, Worldwide Channels Bill Lipsin talked about which market transitions every reseller needs to understand, and how partnering with Brocade is different from working with other vendors.  Bill was yet again recognized this year as a CRN Channel Chief, leading one of IT's the most successful channel organizations.  BillLipsin_05WEB.jpg


Q:  There are a lot of transitions happening in the market.  Which are the most significant for VARs, and why?


Bill Lipsin:  Social Media, Big Data, Mobility, new business applications and the Cloud are requiring completely different approaches, technologies and payment models.  These sets of transitions can create business growth or exposures for VARs.



Q:  Describe the transitions you’re seeing in technology and consumption models.


Bill Lipsin:  Networks of the past can’t keep up with the demand for greater performance, flexibility and scalability.  That’s why we need new networks -- a New IP.  New IP are new types of networks that are more agile, automated, software-centric and based on open-sourced innovation.  Customers want more choices not only in terms of what they buy, but how they acquire network capabilities, either by paying up front, as a service or via a combination of models.  This is the consumption model transition. Gartner estimates that half of IT spending this year will be via consumption-based offerings. 



Q:  How is Brocade helping VARs succeed?


Bill Lipsin:  Brocade’s open-system solutions are designed to allow customers to buy the best technology to meet their needs.  VARs can lever their own services and integration skills to differentiate themselves – not be a “me-too” competing primarily on price.  Brocade helps VARs lead in both the technology and the consumption model transitions.  We recognize that VARs and customers are at different stages on their path to the New IP, which is why we offer a choice of innovative on-prem, cloud and hybrid technologies.  VARs working with us are able to also offer customers a choice of consumption models, while they – our channel partners – get paid same as cash up front.  Brocade’s monthly infrastructure-as-a-service subscription is unique in the industry. 



Q:  Three things VARs should know about Brocade?


Bill Lipsin:

  1. We are in the boat with you. We work with fewer partners than most vendors, on purpose, and have clear rules of engagement. .
  2. Brocade invests in helping partners transform their businesses and become leaders in these key transitions.   We provide differentiated technologies and services to support customers’ changing consumption preferences. In addition, Brocade enables partners to evolve their own business models, such as by offering higher-margin professional or cloud-based services.
  3. We mean it when we say Brocade technologies are open. Our SDN/NFV solutions are built to be open from the ground up. Brocade offers interoperability with a broad, multi-vendor ecosystem. We want our partners, and their customers, to have more choice, flexibility and control.


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