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Brocade’s Ruckus Acquisition: A New Opportunity for Federal Partners

by jmuscare on ‎11-17-2016 06:33 AM (3,317 Views)

Earlier this year Brocade acquired Ruckus Wireless, as a strategic step in providing our partners with a full range of wired and wireless networking solutions to support today’s ever evolving IT landscape. As a Brocade Federal partner, you may be beginning to wonder what this means for you. The answer? A huge opportunity for both you and your customers.


This relationship expands Brocade’s offerings by adding high-performance wireless to the mix. Available purely through the channel, the relationship between Brocade and Ruckus provides an opportunity just for you. Brocade partners perform all implementation services, offering greater flexibility and opportunities for margin.


Let’s start with one of the most exciting pieces for your federal customers – innovation.


Reliable WiFi has become an expectation in our personal lives. Whether at home or at our local Starbucks, we’re connected. Federal agencies’ need for a similar level of connectivity presents a big area of opportunity. From Department of Defense learning institutions to guest networks at VA hospitals, there are a multitude of non-classified environments where citizens anticipate they’ll be able to connect.


Applications go beyond meeting basic citizen demands to providing government with new insights. WiFi connectivity enables Smart Cities and IoT-driven possibilities that can inform decision-making and improve safety on military bases and in our cities. First responders can be informed in real time to better prepare when reacting to emergencies and even public transportation can become more efficient.


Our federal government realizes these needs and are looking for solutions that will fulfill them. Brocade’s acquisition of Ruckus allows your federal customers to seamlessly do just that. Agencies want to procure all of their network services in one place. With Ruckus, Brocade provides your federal customers solutions spanning the network - from the data center to the wireless edge - setting Brocade partners apart from the competition. Agencies experience a secure, consistent experience in any environment.


Security is simple for agencies as well. Ruckus CloudPath enables secure, consistent wireless or wired access to networks across laptops, phones, and tablets through certificate-based device onboarding.  This creates reliable wireless/wired network access on any device, while also simplifying partner/customer communication.


While some of the applications are new, the basic network offering will feel familiar. Ruckus’ Smart WiFi easily integrates into Brocade’s current network offerings. As Brocade provides the wired underlay, Ruckus provides next-gen wireless capabilities. Brocade’s ICX edge switch acts as a logical access point necessary for wireless connection to the existing network.


Brocade partners can promise their federal customers the same scalability, core-to-edge security and open standards-based compatibility and interoperability that they expect from wired solutions. A high performance WiFi network is only as good as the network supporting it. By choosing Brocade, partners can reap the benefits of Ruckus’ wireless infrastructure, supported by the New IP’s software-enabled, open standards-based approach to networking.


Today’s federal customers require a network infrastructure that integrates wireless access with a wired backbone, to deliver performance, scalability and security required in today’s IT environment. Brocade’s acquisition of Ruckus offers many advantages to the federal partner network, from increasing opportunities for margin, to supporting you so you can meet emerging customer needs with the right wired and wireless solution.


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