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Brocade VCS Ethernet Fabric powered EMC VSPEX for VMware EUC Solution

by jgamez on ‎02-26-2013 10:01 AM (938 Views)

Datacenter is evolving and bringing disruption to traditional way of building IT architectures and deployment.  With Cloud Computing paradigm being validated and accepted by the market.  Next generation Datacenters have to be flexible in design, modular in approach and highly scalable.


Cloud Computing is also changing the way end users are using IT resources. End users are not running Client-Server based IT applications anymore. End users are accessing IT services through several types of mobile and non-mobile devices such as smart-phone, tablet, Kiosk, POS, Laptop, etc.  This kind of paradigm shift is directly connecting end-users to Datacenter.


Having an efficient and fast network is key to building next generation Datacenters to architect, develop, and deliver services to end-users.  Brocade partnering with EMC and VMware is building solutions to help customers move into this new World of IT and grow their business.

EMC VSPEX with Brocade networking delivers complete reference architectures for channel partner solutions.  Together, EMC and Brocade are focused on an open, agile, and flexible approach to cloud infrastructure. One can build VSPEX on networking optimized with Brocade ICX Ethernet and VDX/VCS Ethernet Fabric switches, as well as EMC Connectrix and DS-6510B Fibre Channel switches from Brocade.


Brocade VCS technology is the foundation for Brocade Ethernet Fabric.  Fabrics provide reliable, simplicity and virtualization awareness that the Cloud demands. This week, Gartner recognized Brocade as a visionary in Data Center Networking advising that: “Brocade should be considered for the shortlists of all data center network infrastructures and large cloud providers.”  For more information about this refer to these blogs by Patric Chang and Jim Carroll here & here.

Brocade and VMware have collaborated to architect, build and test VDI deployments using reference architecture such as EMC VPLEX.  This solution based on VMware View 5.1, EMC VPLEX and Brocade VDX/VCS and SAN products can support 1000s of virtual desktops in a scalable way. Brocade VDX can provide unparallel network scalability to support 1000s of desktops without compromising network performance.


The whole solution is a pre-validated with best of breed of networking and storage components by Brocade and EMC, and giving you an advantage of selecting your server vender of choic.  The solution is tested at EMC VSPEX Labs using VMware vSphere 5.1 and View 5.1.  The external validation of the solution was done by ESG Labs.

Make sure that you check out this report by ESG Labs as well. This report validates the operational benefits of VSPEX desktop computing with Brocade and technical information integrated components of the solution, how they deployed and tested this solution.  Just to give you sense of scalability of this solution, here is a scalability aspect of the test that they have done from 100 to 500 desktops and I took this graph from their report. But, the report has lot of other good technical information and read the complete report for more information.



Lastly, don’t forget to join the Brocade Challenge at VMware PEX 2013 to get into drawing to win an iPad. The challenge is to complete following:

  • BYOEF (Build Your Own Ethernet Fabric) in less than 10 minutes
  • See a demo of VSPEX at Brocade booth 208
  • Visit a Brocade VSPEX partner Booth 403

Drawings held Tuesday and Wednesday 5PM at Brocade booth 208.

Have a fun at PEX 2013 !!!