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Brocade University + You = Success

by Dawn.Morris on ‎02-07-2012 03:03 AM (750 Views)

Joe Cannata, Sr. Manager of Business/Development/Certification at Brocade gives us an introduction to Brocade University.

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One of the things I love about technology is there is always change, always something new. Some of us can remember the days before cell telephones really took off and a privileged few carted around those suitcase sized things with zero signal that weighed a ton. Or how about how proud many of us felt getting our first ‘Sony Walkman’ and buying tape cassettes! Today of course the average ‘smart-phone’ has more compute power than the PCs of a decade ago did, and we all know what Apple has done when it comes to accessing music (and more).

It’s no different in our world of networking technology. New innovations and solutions keep coming to market, meaning as advisors and technical leaders we need to be constantly staying informed and learning about these technologies.

That’s why Brocade provides one of the most comprehensive technical education programs available: tailored to your needs, and designed with the multiple pressures on your time and resource in mind, to help you optimize your skills and expertise and help you take your business and career forward.

Brocade University is committed to using 21st century technology and methods to bring you the industry’s most relevant education, offering deep technical training.  Our courses give you credibility in any given subject. We stimulate you to design solutions, and employ best practices, so you can apply what has been learned. Using our state-of-the-art lab equipment, you are able to explore and develop solutions using cutting edge technology.

When you take a Brocade University class, you are learning content that is really mind blowing, and ensures you are well equipped to keep pace with changes in any kind of networking. Our courses range from the basic, introductory concepts all the way up to expert level, and our world-class instructors are all certified, and deeply skilled in their areas of expertise. Brocade certifications help you validate your skills, and give you a new level of credibility with end customers.

In 2012, we will introduce updates for our core IP and Ethernet Fabric certifications, and roll out a new expert level Ethernet Fabric certification. We also will be introducing a 4th track for those looking to specialize in converged networking.

Being Brocade Certified means you are part of an elite group, with demonstrated expertise, that gives you the ability to bring change, to innovate, and to grow your skill set.

Finally, while I may remember Walkmans and life before cell phones, as Henry Ford once said:

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

And I’m all for that!

Joe Cannata