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Back In School With Open Network Solutions

by Kristina Scott on ‎01-19-2016 01:49 PM (2,834 Views)

Back in September, Rick Freedman of Brocade’s Product Marketing team posted a blog about the importance of open standards, with an interesting case study from the education community.  With schools across the country back open again after the holidays, I thought it worth re-sharing some of the key highlights.


First, for background, the importance of incorporating open standards can't be understated. Network solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Yet historically, that is what closed standards systems have promoted, forcing customers in education and other verticals to select the lesser of two evils and compromise on network infrastructure. Open standards eliminate this problem by ensuring interoperability and enabling campuses to incorporate a variety of solutions and components that best fit their needs.


Open standards also deliver your customers the unlimited potential for scalability – key to accommodating the ever-growing demand for network bandwidth fueled by third-party platforms – as well as improved cost efficiency granted through multi-vendor networks.


This idea is exemplified in the real world by Cumberland University, a private university in Tennessee that needed to replace its network core and edge to support an upgraded wireless network. Thanks to open standards, the university was able to build a highly scalable network using both Brocade and Aerohive components without concerns over interoperability. As a result, Cumberland has been able to improve its students’ BYOD experience, which includes mobile courseware, collaboration tools, and learning resources.


These are the types of solutions that – as a partner – you are able to share with your customers to demonstrate the power and importance of moving to an open standards network.


With so many benefits, it's a no brainer for your customer to think about adopting open standards. For more information about what’s possible with open mobility solutions, join us on January 27th at 8 am PT for a webinar with Ruckus, another of our best-in-class partners.