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Advancing the New IP with the Brocade Flow Optimizer

by Sultan Dawood on ‎06-09-2015 03:15 PM (3,669 Views)

With continued leadership around SDN technology and ongoing commitment toward enabling software defined networks, Brocade is pleased to announce the availability of the new Brocade Flow Optimizer SDN application.


It is no secret the network is of great significance when it comes to applications and hosting workloads. But Service Providers and Enterprise customers continue to face critical network performance challenges when it comes to cloud services. In response to such challenges, the Brocade Flow Optimizer allows customers to gain insight into their network traffic, enabling policy based detection and management of large traffic flows. By enabling proactive network visibility, this SDN application allows customers to take control of their respective networks and provides new levels of network automation. By gaining this network intelligence, customers can increase network efficiency through better capacity planning and resource utilization, mitigate denial of service network attacks and reduce network congestion through policy based traffic engineering, thus improving overall customer experience.


SDN apps will allow customers to leverage the benefits of SDN technology and in turn will have a huge impact on the network in terms of managing network bandwidth, providing service availability and improving quality of service (QoS). The Brocade Flow Optimizer delivers on these key attributes, helping customers solve critical network challenges, and also making SDN consumable in their existing networks. This allows customers to protect their existing network investments while also allowing them to continue to optimize their networks and even create new network monetization opportunities.


With the Brocade Flow Optimizer, Brocade continues to show ongoing investment in its networking platforms, the MLX Series Core and Edge routers as well as the ICX Campus LAN switches, by adding new advanced OpenFlow SDN features, making the platforms more agile and feature rich. Customers gain a complete turnkey SDN solution by combining the MLX Series routers, ICX Campus LAN switches, Brocade Open Daylight based SDN Controller and the Brocade Flow Optimizer. This open and modular solution, built on industry standards and open source code, delivers on the vision set forth around the New IP network.


For additional information and channel sales assets, please visit the Brocade Flow Optimizer page on the Kit, part of APN Resource Center.