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Accelerate Your Path to Re-certification

by Dawn.Morris on ‎04-29-2012 10:50 PM - last edited on ‎10-28-2013 10:12 PM by bcm1 (835 Views)

Joe Cannata, Sr. Manager of Certification/Business Development at Brocade University explains how you can speed up your certification process at Brocade University!




"Until the governing bodies of the world decide to add more hours to a day, time is still one of our most precious assets. Between driving sales, supporting customers, solving problems and keeping pace with all that is changing, there never seems to be enough time.  It is a wicked irony, that the technology that we use to help us save time, also costs us time. That on which we so deeply depend also becomes the burden we constantly chase. Knowledge and mastery of technology require an investment of time, but it pays dividends.


In the SAN world for example, you may have taken our basic or advanced switch administration classes, then went on to take the corresponding BCFA and BCFP exams. You would pass them, and then approximately 2 years later, find that the exams have been revised to encompass the next generation of Brocade SAN technology. While your certification did not expire, your skill set is now behind the curve. Traditionally, what options would be available to you? One way would be to sit through the 3-day classes again, or take the updated versions of the eLearning classes, but that is overkill, and not the most efficient use of your time, or travel budget. You could use the updated Nutshell study guide, and try to determine what has changed, and then identify the deltas so you could go on and take the next generation of the exam. It is like playing “Where’s Waldo”, with Waldo being the enhancements you seek to identify. There should be a more clearly defined path, and Brocade University has recognized this quandary. We have developed a new vehicle to help you get trained and certified in a much more efficient manner.


Available exclusively to the channel, is a method for upgrading your certifications in an efficient, and easy-to-use method. We wish to unveil CFA 200-CHANNEL and CFP 300-CHANNEL, two new packages of learning to help you bridge from your 8 Gbps BCFA and BCFP certification to their 16 Gbps counterparts. These offerings are designed to provide a one-stop registration process that includes content identified by Channel Marketing that APN partners should use in preparing for their 16 Gbps BCFA and BCFP exams.  Over time, content will be added/removed to reflect the future learning requirements, but registration will continue to be through these offerings.


CFA 200-CHANNEL, to start, will contain the 8 Gbps CFA 280-WBT narrated core course, and a new narrated class, CFA 250-WBT, which is an 8 Gbps/16Gbps bridge class. The CFA 250-WBT will cover the differences between the 8 Gbps and 16 Gbps products, features, and getting you ready for the 16 Gbps exam. The assumption is you know the 8 Gbps skills already; this merely cites the additional knowledge needed to pass the BCFA 16 Gbps exam.


CFP 300-CHANNEL, to start, will contain the 8 Gbps CFP 380-WBT narrated core course, and a new narrated class, CFP 250-WBT, which is also an 8 Gbps/16Gbps bridge class. The CFP 250-WBT will function like the CFA 250-WBT, with focus on the 16 Gbps BCFP exam topics.


In the July time frame, you can expect to see similar offerings to help you prepare for the new BCNE and BCNP 2012 exams, and beyond that, others will follow as well. We have added a new app to the Brocade Certified page on Facebook that allows you to access the Nutshell exam study guides and the knowledge assessments all in one place.  You do not need to have a Facebook account, or be a user to access this page.


Hopefully the time you spent reading, will save you more time in the future."