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A Toast to the Death of Proprietary Standards

by Kristina Scott ‎08-29-2016 08:47 AM - edited ‎08-29-2016 08:50 AM (3,816 Views)

Imagine if every PC maker – Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. – created a different port on their machines for input devices. You’d quickly find yourself with a host of peripherals that could only interface with a specific brand of machine. You’d also find yourself incredibly frustrated in your upgrade options: either buy another machine of the same make that might not fit your needs or be faced with replacing all those peripherals. Sounds ridiculous, but that is exactly the situation your customers are in when operating on proprietary networks.


Proprietary standards have stifled innovation, limited flexibility and increased costs for far too long. Proponents of such networks claim proprietary standards and single-vendor networks are designed to work together, limit complexity and offer better value, but in reality Gartner busted these myths years ago. How can offering a network based on open standards benefit your customers?


First, open standards eliminate the vendor lock-in that stifles your customer’s agility and ability to utilize multivendor networks. With a proprietary, single vendor network, your customers are limited to the choices and upgrades that vendor offers. Instead, open standards foster greater competition and innovation, driving prices down and value up for your customers. By breaking vendor lock-in and empowering your customers to build multivendor networks, they can select the best-of-breed components to ensure their network that fits their specific needs.


Second, open standards help ensure that networks can more readily adapt to capture the latest innovations. Unlike a proprietary network, which could require a costly and time-consuming rip-and-replace to move to the next-generation technology, open standards and New IP networks align with Software Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization and other trends. These technologies grant increased control, speed, agility and connectivity for your customers’ enterprises and are quickly becoming an industry norm. Simply put, open standards networks support the business needs of today, tomorrow, and 10 years from now far better than any proprietary network ever could.


At Brocade, we stand ready to help you, our channel partners, and your customers realize the potential of open standards and transform your network into something amazing. Our solutions are built from the ground up to be standards-based, interoperating and supporting a broad ecosystem third-party technologies, systems and capabilities.


A recent example of Brocade’s commitment to expanding the Brocade Partner Network and offering our channel partners more world-class, integrated solutions is our recently launched Strategic Collaboration Program with mobility, platform, security, software and other alliance partners. You can also read more about it in this blog post by Matt Wineberg.


Open standards, open source, open data. Do a quick scan of today’s top tech news and it’s clear: openness is the way of the future. At Brocade, we agree.