Storage Networks

If you ask someone in a given field of endeavor "What is critical to success?" they'll most likely focus on one or two key elements. For instance, in Hollywood, someone might point to the director and the stars as critical. A football fan might mention the head coach and the quarterback. In the IT world, a discussion of enterprise applications will likely turn to critical systems such as ERP and CRM.


Your Own IP Storage Network? It's Time to Drive Change

by AJ Casamento on ‎03-13-2015 10:00 AM (108,204 Views)

I know, I know. There's a world of difference between managing a storage network and running a fleet of 18-wheelers.


Or is there?

Bear with me, and imagine for a moment that you’re the boss of a freight shipping company.


To Prevent Data Gridlock, You Need a Smarter Highway

by Jim Rapoza on ‎03-11-2015 12:54 PM (58,565 Views)

Have you ever noticed how, just when you need to be somewhere fast, a traffic jam suddenly appears?




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