Storage Networks

What a week this is turning out to be in Las Vegas. I am jazzed coming into the IBM Edge2014 event and our Platinum sponsorship.




I might be dating myself now but what is going on in the industry today is an inflection point much like that back in 1998, when shared storage for the masses was rolling out en masse in a technology called Fibre Channel. However, the landscape is different now and we need to get today’s networks ready for tomorrows workloads. IBM and Brocade are doing just that. Listening to the “Fast Data Forum Livestream Webcast,” I chose to key off of one of Tom Rosamilia’s (STG GM of Storage) summary statements at time marker 1:20:50 in the video, for the title of my Blog, “You can’t manage the DATA if you can’t manage the INFRASTRUCTURE”. There were many salient bites in the video but this statement strikes home to many. It is clear customers are having difficulty keeping up with the amounts and velocity of data from business, social and mobile sources that are being pumped into the cloud and analyzed.



We are excited to announce that the vADC, vRouter, vEPC and SDN Controller Acquisitions from Brocade are complete!
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