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Redefining the IP Storage Experience with the new EMC Connectrix VDX-6740B Switch

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Introduced today, the new EMC Connectrix VDX-6740B addresses the need for a better Ethernet storage switching solution for today’s New IP applications such as cloud, mobile, social and big data. Together with Brocade VCS Fabric technology, the VDX-6740B simplifies network design and operations for a more automated and efficient network, offering the flexibility needed to easily scale networks and support a cloud-ready infrastructure.


The rapid rise in virtualized workloads, analytics workloads, and other mission-critical applications based on IP storage has created the need for dedicated IP storage networks that can reduce failure domains, simplify change control, and deliver against strict SLA’s.

The VDX-6740B enables storage administrators to deploy automated IP storage fabrics with predictable performance and optimized storage throughput. Unlike traditional routers or switches which require deep configuration expertise, the EMC Connectrix VDX-6740B is designed with the storage administrator in mind and operates as a simple, plug-and-play, flat fabric for server-to-storage interconnect.


According to a recent ESG research report, “Storage networking tends to carry more mission-critical, high-performance data than LANs, and therefore should be isolated and managed differently. Having a single organization—in this case, the storage team—as the owner responsible for workload uptime speeds up issue resolution and helps ensure reliability. Additionally, the resulting storage network will likely be a simpler design and therefore easier to manage and secure, providing greater IT agility with the ability to scale and provision storage in a more timely and efficient manner.”


Dedicated IP storage networks based on the EMC Connectrix VDX-6740B support a wide range of use cases and needs, including:

  • Maximizing SLAs while eliminating storage traffic from the LAN in EMC file-based storage platforms
  • Allowing IT to guarantee performance and availability for EMC file-based platforms, as well as the ability to seamlessly scale the infrastructure.
  • Maximizing performance and availability for eNAS deployments within EMC VMAX3 environments and EMC VNX NAS environments.
  • Allowing EMC Isilon NAS environments to easily scale out to support media, streaming and big data applications.
  • Improving performance for iSCSI environments when deploying EMC XtremIO all-flash storage.
  • Enabling private cloud and end-user desktop computing deployments with EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure solutions.
  • Delivering improved automation, greater agility and higher performance for virtual desktop, cloud applications and similar workloads running on EMC VSPEX Blue hyper-converged systems.

EMC and Brocade continue to redefine the connectivity experience for our 50,000+ mutual customers. With an enhanced EMC Connectrix portfolio that now includes dedicated IP Storage networking with the VDX-6740B, storage professionals can take control of their destiny and deploy a simple, efficient, and powerful IP switching solution.


Learn more on the EMC Pulse blog.




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