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Dedicated Networks Optimized for IP Storage Will Improve SLAs

by David Eoff on ‎07-16-2015 05:01 AM (9,228 Views)

Many organizations have converged various disparate networks over time into a common IP/Ethernet network. The business reasons for consolidation are certainly there as this approach should reduce capital costs and fewer networks to manage should reduce complexity, management and operational costs. And if you need to segment the network, it can be done with VLANs, virtual routing and forwarding instances or overlays on the single shared IP/Ethernet network, right?


The benefits do sound compelling, but in practice most organizations seldom take this approach for various business and technical reasons. This also is the case with IP storage networks.


Whether it’s backup, iSCSI block storage, replication or virtual infrastructure, modern datacenters typically have several separate IP storage networks. Your IP storage networks once used for lower-tier workloads are now being used for business-critical workloads, including server virtualization and analytics. In addition to Brocade, industry leaders such as VMware, Hortonworks, EMC, Dell and SAP have been advocating a dedicated IP storage network approach for many of these uses cases – as their technologies simply perform better in a dedicated network environment.


IP Storage for Financial Services

A Brocade financial service customer that moved to a storage-optimized network environment based on Brocade VCS Fabric saw immediate advantages. They are an EMC shop with both VNX and Isilon storage arrays and the customer’s general-purpose Ethernet network was impacting application performance and quality of service. The prospect of segmenting the storage traffic from other Web and application data, eliminating traffic contention and providing a controlled, integrated storage and network environment convinced the customer to rethink their network architecture for IP storage. They also desired independence from the networking department, gaining the control in the change control process and avoiding the bureaucratic delays from the network and network security departments.


The control, simplicity and automation of the dedicated IP storage network with VCS Fabric made this an ideal investment. Separating the storage traffic eliminated contention from other traffic on the LAN giving this customer much needed performance, containment and governance. The Brocade VDX switches and VCS fabric integrated with storage smoothly and enabled them to manage their IP storage networks as a single logical element making management for their storage administrators easy.


IP Storage: Optimized by Brocade

So how exactly is Brocade optimized for IP storage networking?


We recommend deploying a dedicated network optimized for IP storage to help you achieve the SLAs for your business-critical applications. Brocade VDX 6740 and VDX 6940 switches powered by VCS Fabric technology are optimized for IP storage traffic delivering maximum performance, low latency and high resiliency.


  • VDX switches deliver load balanced multipathing leveraged from our Fibre Channel innovation
  • They are optimized for bursty storage traffic and low latency
  • We minimize the learning curve and ongoing operational expense for storage administrators with plug-and-play deployment and simple centralized management
  • Brocade offers unified storage networking management across all storage networks – SAN and IP 

You don’t have to settle for a legacy network…


You can better manage SLAs by separating storage and data traffic eliminating traffic contention. And with Brocade and you gain smooth, elegant deployment and management as well as better interoperability, containment and control.


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