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Brocade VDX Switch Configurator

by dphillip on ‎05-03-2016 09:00 AM (10,783 Views)

What’s this tool for?

We have a new tool that’s designed to make it super simple to configure a pair of switches for IP storage and hyperconverged environments. 


It’s a standalone app (.exe file) that runs on any Windows 7 (or later) device.  You don’t even need the physical switches connected, you just run the app and it generates configuration text that can be saved as a file.  Then when you’re ready to configure the switches, all you have to do is connect the cables, log on through the console port, enter one command to put the switch into “logical chassis mode” (where one switch is used to configure and control both switches in the pair), then paste in the config.  And you’re done.


The tool walks you through the configuration of one or two VDX switches to create a simple L2 Ethernet fabric.  It may be used to configure switches at the top-of-rack or spine layers of the network.  If used for two switches, the port and VLAN configurations will be identical, only the IP addressing and switch IDs will be different. 


The tool also lets you import a JSON file pre-populated with basic switch setting attributes that provides an alternate to using the GUI for switch settings.


Brocade VDX Switch Configurator

Figure 1 - Sample GUI Screen


Who is this tool for?

It’s meant for installers unfamiliar with VDX configuration syntax, or those that simply want an easy way to generate a basic configuration for a one or two VDX switch deployment.  Typical use cases include IP storage-attach, or simple L2 deployments such as a hyperconvergence cluster.


What EMC products does it work with?

It’s great for any of the IP storage products, such as Isilon, VNX, and even XtremIO if you’re using iSCSI.  But it’s particular useful if you’re deploying VCE VxRail as the VxRail configuration tool can output a JSON file with all the network settings needed to bring up a pair of VDX switches at the Top-of-Rack.  It works with both the EMC Connectrix VDX and the Brocade VDX.  It requires zero knowledge of VDX.  Simply import the VxRail JSON file and the CLI is generated by the tool.


Where can I get it?

You’ll need an account on, where you can access Brocade VDX switch software and manuals.

Just go to the Downloads area, then in Product Downloads select “Download By”: Ethernet Fabric Switches/Network Operating System (NOS)/VDX Switch Configurator and grab the latest version!  Everything you need is in the .zip file.

 Brocade VDX Switch Configurator

Figure 2 - Instruction on connecting to the physical switch


Brocade VDX Switch Configurator

Figure 3 - The CLI generation page


Brocae VDX Switch Configurator

Figure 4 - VxRail JSON import capability

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