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Sofware-Defined Networking

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Registered: ‎09-07-2015

no connectivity between the nodes

I'm trying to experiment with Brocade controller. I followed the installation and expamples in the the guides.

I created a linear topology in the mininet. I can see the network topology in the controller's user interface, but when I ping the hosts there is not reply.


it seems there is no l2switch app installed,. BTW I haven't install the flow-manager app because I'm on trial version for now.



I have followed the similar approach using Opendaylight  controller and everything works fine.


Please let me know what am I missing here

and how can I check what type of apps are installed or how can I access the keraf command line?

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Re: no connectivity between the nodes

Hi Mraabs,


Do the mininet nodes have flows installed?




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