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Sofware-Defined Networking

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Welcome to the SDN Community

Thanks for visiting our new Software-Defined Networking community! The rise of SDN is the rise of a disruptive and transformative shift in networking paradigms. Programmability and extended control are sweeping through the network. It’s an exciting time to be in networking! SDN is a broad and widely encompassing spectrum of standards and technologies, and we wanted to create a dedicated place to talk about all of it. Experts across all of Brocade will be sharing their insights and opinions relating to SDN, and we've set up a forum for you to share right along with us. If you have any questions or want to start a conversation about an SDN topic, click on “Start a Discussion” and go right ahead. This isn't just a place for us to speak at you; it’s a place for everyone to speak with everyone.

Brocade has been a supporter of SDN standards since 2010 (see a collection of our SDN blog posts from before we launched the SDN Community here), and we wanted to gather and share our insights and thoughts on it in one central place. From OpenFlow to OpenStack, from the physical layer to the cloud management layer, from the practicalities of real world SDN implementations today to high level educational overviews of SDN, this community will be talking about it.

So jump in and introduce yourself! My name is Josh Dreyfuss. I’m the community manager for the SDN Community here, and I’m looking forward to talking SDN with everyone. Every week, experts will share their unique experiences and viewpoints on an aspect of SDN that interests them. If there’s something you would like to talk about, just ask.

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Re: Welcome to the SDN Community

Hi Josh,

Am Anthony, a Network enthusiast and Professional and have become fascinated with the opportunities in the Cloud, and have also come to learn lately of SDN and SDN Standards.

What organizations are currently responsible for managing and developing the standards and is there a track record of developments.

My organization will be at the ITExpo Event looking to take advantage of its opportunities in the market.

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Re: Welcome to the SDN Community

Hi Anthony,

Some of the more notable standards organizations working in the SDN space include the Open Networking Foundation, which is the standards body working on OpenFlow, and the Internet Engineering Task Force, which has a broader focus in terms of standardizing SDN. Their websites track their developments and processes.

Pete Moyer wrote a great blog post on the subject here: which I would recommend checking out. He really dives into everything.

Other organizations are developing SDN-relevant standards and protocols worth keeping an eye on as well, including open source cloud computing platforms like OpenStack and tunneling protocols like VXLAN.

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