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Sofware-Defined Networking

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Vyatta and IBM Softlayer

I have a question from IBM.


"This is about how to best use the Vyatta firewall in Softlayer for our Cognos implementation. There is an IBM Drupal implementation in Softlayer with a Vyatta firewall already. The question becomes should the Cognos platform have its own firewall, or should it share one with Drupal and use the other firewall as a redundant device."


I woukd think that the Vyatta router/FW sits in the software stack inline and all application traffic in and out of the softlayer stack goes through the Vyatta Router/FW. Therefore the FW that comes with the Cognos BI, would be redundant. Anyone have any experience witih these types of deployments that can provide some insight?





John Regis
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