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Unable to login Vyatta Controller GUI



I've installed bvc 1.2.0 Vyatta controller. And i'm trying to login the GUI bothin http/https mode. I could able to reach only the login page, it prompts for username and password. When entered username as admin and password as admin as given in user guide, it throws error saying Unable to login.


Am i missing something, Kindly help me to solve this issue.

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Re: Unable to login Vyatta Controller GUI

This is a known issue that is documented in the troubleshooting section of the 1.2.0 User guide and the 1.2.0 release notes.


Sometimes, it is not possible to access the web GUI from a remote host.
If the controller is installed on a machine with more than one network card, the controller uses the IP address of the first network interface card that it gets by using the ifconfig command. If this IP address is not reachable from the external network, the user is not able to access the controller web GUI from a remote machine. Although the user can access the web GUI login page by using the externally reachable IP address of the controller machine, the user is not able to log in successfully.
The Brocade Vyatta Controller web GUI uses the chosen IP address to send REST calls directly to the controller. Because that IP address is not externally reachable, the call fails.
1. Change the IP address in the following file to the externally reachable IP address.
2. Refresh the web page, and try logging in again.
Here is an alternate method to discover the IP address through the Development Tool of Google Chrome:
1. Go to Settings > More Tools > Development Tools. This action opens a window at the bottom of the browser window.
2. Click the Network tab in the Development Tool window.
3. Access the controller web GUI, and log in with the credentials that were provided.
4. The Network tab shows the failed REST call that is sent by the web GUI to the controller. The REST call details include the controller IP address that is used by the web GUI to reach the controller.

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Re: Unable to login Vyatta Controller GUI

Please use the hostname not the IP address for  the URL

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Re: Unable to login Vyatta Controller GUI




I have downloaded sdn-controller-2.0.1 on Ubuntu virtualbox.
I get the below error when logging into sdn-controller-client :
https://controller-ip:9001 and it redirects to port 9445

Error : I am unable to login to sdn-controller. Can you check the network configuration ?


I donot find the folder /web in /opt/bvc/web/config.json , instead find the config-bvc.json in /opt/bvc/server/ux

Is there any installation file missing ?


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Re: Unable to login Vyatta Controller GUI

Same issue here.

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