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Sofware-Defined Networking

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Translating ARP Reply Flow for use with pybvc library

Hello, I have one questions. How to translate the following hardcoded flow:



ovs-ofctl add-flow s1 “table=1, dltype=0x0806, nwdst=, actions=move:NXMOFETHSRC[]>NXMOFETHDST[], moddlsrc:DE:AE:9E:68:06:D4, load:0x2>NXMOFARPOP[], move:NXMNXARPSHA[]>NXMNXARPTHA[], move:NXMOFARPSPA[]>NXMOFARPTPA[], load:0xdeae9e6806d4->NXMNXARPSHA[], load:0x0a000001->NXMOFARPSPA[], inport"



into JSON format for use using either the RESTConf interface or the PYBVC python library? The Flow's purpose is to create ARP Reply packets once an ARP Request is received by the switch. If that does not work is there any other way of installing ARP reply flows using the pybvc python library. In case you do not have answers to my questions who should I contact for more details?

Thank you, Galileo

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