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SDN Course on Coursera


I'm taking the SDN Course on Coursera:

It's informative, they have some interviews with Internet Architects and other smart people that have been working a lot with SDN. It's also quite a fun way to improve some python skills as well

The course uses Mininet to set up the network (switches and hosts) and it's possible to point all the switches to a remote controller, for example a POX controller.

Is it possible to point a Brocade switch to a remote controller and then let that controller do all the smart stuff?

Anybody else here taking the same course?

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Re: SDN Course on Coursera

There a second offer of this course  in the coming week. Is there anyone at San Jose, CA campus taking this class. It's will be good to have Brocade study group for this class.  Let me know.

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