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ODL SDN Controller + Netconf : Unable to build schema context, unsatisfied imports


I get the following error in the controller karaf logs when I try to mount a device to the controller.

I went to see the logs after I found that after mounting the netopeer device on the controller some capabilites are unavailable when checked at http://localhost:8181/restconf/operational/network-topology:network-topology/topology/topology-netconf/




244 - org.opendaylight.controller.sal-netconf-connector - 1.2.0.Lithium | RemoteDevice{router2}:
Unable to build schema context, unsatisfied imports {
SourceIdentifier [name=ietf-netconf-notifications@2012-02-06]=[ModuleImportImpl [name=ietf-inet-types, revision=2010-09-24], ModuleImportImpl [name=ietf-netconf, revision=2011-06-01]],
SourceIdentifier [name=ietf-netconf-monitoring@2010-10-04]=[ModuleImportImpl [name=ietf-yang-types, revision=2010-09-24], ModuleImportImpl [name=ietf-inet-types, revision=2010-09-24]],
SourceIdentifier [name=nc-notifications@2008-07-14]=[ModuleImportImpl [name=ietf-yang-types, revision=2010-09-24]],
SourceIdentifier [name=notifications@2008-07-14]=[ModuleImportImpl [name=ietf-yang-types, revision=2010-09-24]]
will reattempt with resolved only

How should I resolve this error? I am using the controller with a netopeer device. It would be helpful if you detail the steps because I am fairly new to using the controller and with netconf, yang.



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