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Network Field Day 5 Videos Now Available

Network Field Day 5 is happening this week! Brocade will be hosting today from 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM PST here in our headquarters. We have some pretty cool presenters lined up to talk about what we're doing with SDN, and the whole thing will be streamed live on the web. NFD5 (abbreviation!) is an event where independent bloggers and industry personalities come together with leading vendors to discuss and share about important trends and topics that are shaping the broader industry, so it's an interesting thing to plug into. Conveniently enough, you can tune in right from your desk!

To access the live stream, check out the page. For a larger video, you can also go here:

If you have any questions or points you'd like to comment on during the presentations, you can ask me here or tweet Brocade @BRCDcomm using the #NFD5 hashtag. We'll be keeping an eye out, so jump into the live stream and let us know your opinions. And if you miss the event live, don't worry - everything will be recorded and posted on YouTube and Vimeo afterwards. I'll give you all the link to those recordings when they're up.


Here is the link to the recordings from Brocade's presentations at Network Field Day 5 yesterday: Brocade Presents at Networking Field Day 5

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