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Sofware-Defined Networking

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Registered: ‎01-20-2016

Need help: Have Trouble installing Brocade SDN Controller



I followed the instructions mentioned in the SDN-Controller-2.2.0-Software-Installation.pdf to install the SDN controller, on an AMD64 box, it fails here:



Configuring all features ................. [ OK ]
Start controller ......................... [ OK ]
Waiting for base initialization .......... [ FAIL ]

**Installation Failed**
Refer to the install log for more details.


The last few lines in the install log are as follows:



Running Command ['/opt/bvc/controller/bin/client', '-u', 'karaf', '-r', '60', '-d', '5', 'feature:list']
Timeout running ['/opt/bvc/controller/bin/client', '-u', 'karaf', '-r', '60', '-d', '5', 'feature:list']
Failed to connect to karaf to validate feature list.Return Code: 143, Output: []
.. [ FAIL ]
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/opt/bvc/install", line 217, in main
r_request = ctrl.install_extensions()
File "/opt/bvc/.lib/", line 863, in install_extensions
'Failed to verify karaf start.'
RuntimeError: Failed to verify karaf start.



Can anybody tell me what am I missing?





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