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How was Open Networking Summit 2013?

ONS 2013 is in the books. What changed in one year’s time from ONS 2012? It got bigger. Bigger venue, more sponsors, more sessions, more attendees... From my perspective, one thing that remained the same was the question, “what are you doing here?”  Actually, this question might have been even more prevalent this year than in 2012, as more companies have joined the SDN fray and more announcements have been made. I was at the Brocade exhibit for most of the conference, so I was able to get a good sense of what was on the mind of the average attendee.  For the most part, they wanted to know what vendors are doing to make SDN a reality. At our booth we had two demos to show what Brocade is doing to answer that question, specifically around OpenFlow.

  1. Brocade OpenFlow in the industry’s only Hybrid Port Mode enables customers to deploy OpenFlow as an overlay concurrently with traditional layer 2/layer 3 traffic on the same port. You can learn more about this feature in Norival’s blog on Friday: And you can see a recorded version of the demo here:
  2. A technology demonstration of an SDN application showed how OpenFlow could simplify operations for real-time network analytics by allowing the user to programmatically and dynamically select particular flows to send to analytics tools


There was plenty of feedback and questions on the demos from attendees. It is great to get real time input from the market when working in something as new and fast moving as SDN. The research and education community continues to be the leader in actual deployments of SDN, however, it was exciting to hear more thoughtful conversations from the service provider and enterprise customers.   Conversations flowed through the hallways ranging from topics like OpenDaylight to NFV, and SDN applications to OpenFlow v1.3.  What was your experience like at ONS 2013?

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