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Sofware-Defined Networking

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Data Plane Hardware

What is the Hardware offered by Brocade on Data Plane. I understand the Brocade Vyatta routing element (In control plane) runs as a Virtual machine but how does it talk to the hardware in the Data Plane. I would be very happy if tecnocrats on this forum can answer the following questions.


1) What are the devices available on "Data Plane" ?

2) What is the OS running on the Data Plane Harware?

3) How do software based router  Vyatta communicates with Hadrware in Data Plane ?

4) What kind of traffic flows between the Control plane Soft router  and Data Plane Hardware?

5) If I want to deploy MPLS VPN across 100 cities geographycally scattered , Can I have one Control Plane i.e. one software router running as VM and controlling 100 Data Plane Hardware?

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