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Service Providers

Service Provider’s customers configure their own services on-the-fly

by Ed O'Connell on ‎05-26-2015 09:59 AM (2,012 Views)

Know thy customer. An old adage that sounds simple but in practice it’s much easier said than done. For most businesses, knowing thy customer is done via an age-old device – the telephone. Many businesses depend on phone calls – either making them or receiving them – to drive their business. The Internet revolution drove the evolution of phone communication from POTS (plain old telephone service) to VoIP (Voice over IP). But even with VoIP, businesses trying to scale up their business globally or improve customer service it can be a challenge finding a vendor who can quickly enable quality VoIP/SIP services that is scalable and reliable.


NovaTel is wholesale provider of voice, data and facilities services that found that the traditional IP network infrastructure was a barrier to meeting customer’s VoIP needs. In order to meet customer needs, NovaTel had to move to different network architecture. After an exhaustive review process, NovaTel chose Brocade to build their ‘new IP’ network. Brocade enabled NovaTel to build a new network that enable them to quickly scale up network capacity and service levels without massive re-mapping or architecting infrastructure. In addition to increasing agility via scalability, the new network’s automation and reliability also reduces the time to manage it by 50%. The NovaTel networks today enable their customers to sign-up and configure services from their website.


To find out more about how NovaTel used the ‘new IP’ to enable their network to be known by thy customer, read the case study on the