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Interop Las Vegas 2012

by Daniel.Williams on ‎05-08-2012 09:41 AM (633 Views)

Interop Las Vegas 2012 started on May 6th at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, and there are a lot of exciting demos and talks to look forward to. Fabric networks seems to be akey message with a lot of energy around Software Defined Networking and OpenFlow.  Brocade is participating in many ways including panels and demonstrations of our technology with other vendors.

Brocade will be active in two SDN demos with OpenFlow, and several panels at Interop 2012. Brocade’s Patrick LaPorte and Gurpreet Singh discuss top networking trends, including SDN, fabrics in data center LAN design, and bring your own device (BYOD), at key sessions throughout the event. Below are the details of our talks and demos so you can keep up with Brocade and be part of what we’re doing.

Brocade is a staunch supporter of SDN, so if you’re interested in SDN and in checking out demos, Brocade is doing an SDN interoperability demo with NEC and their ProgrammableFlow Contoller which shows how a multi-vendor network fabric can be enabled via OpenFlow. The Brocade MLXe is showcased in this demo which runs throughout the event. There will be a short press event with all participating vendors (including Brocade) right after the best of Interop awards.  Here’s the info:

Date: Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time: 10:30 am

Place: NEC booth #815

We’ll also be participating in the InteropNET OpenFlow lab, where we will be exhibiting two of our OpenFlow-enabled routers towards a similar goal of multi-vendor interoperability. OpenFlow on our carrier-grade routers runs at line rate for any interface speed up to 100GbE, so having our MLX and CER routers there to play with is always a fun experience.

For those interested in attending some of the sessions at Interop, Gurpreet will be on a panel titled The War About and Between Fabrics, where he will speak to questions such as “What is a fabric?” “What are the key technologies that will comprise data center LANs over the next few years?” and “What is the likely migration path?” Here’s the info for the panel:

Date: Monday, May 7, 2012 

Time: 8:45 AM to 9:45 AM

Place: Lagoon J

After the panel a little later in the day, Gurpreet will also be part of a workshop segment around SDN: How will Software Defined Networks and OpenFlow Impact Enterprise Networks? This workshop will provide some enlightening discussion about what SDN is and why it matters. Here are the details:

Date:  Monday, May 7, 2012

Time: 1 PM to 4 PM

Place: Lagoon J

Later in the event, Patrick will be part of a panel titled How BYOD is Driving Change in the Campus Network, where he will discuss solutions to the challenges that the BYOD trend brings to IT organizations. Here’s the info for that:

Date: Thursday, May 10, 2012

                Time: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

                Place: Lagoon J

To keep up with Brocade and Interop, please follow @BRCDcomm and the hashtag #Interop on Twitter. I’ll be attending the event, so check back at our community after the event for some of my takeaways and impressions of everything. The bustle of Interop always reveals a lot of interesting topics, and I’ll do my best to distill it all for you.