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Service Providers

How does a Texas RSP offer low-cost carrier grades services to rural America?

by Ed O'Connell on ‎05-22-2015 07:12 AM (2,327 Views)

In the recent past, folks deciding to live a rural lifestyle had to accept Internet services that were of a lesser quality or limited performance. Typically living outside of major metropolitan areas left folks with two choices for internet service: dial-up or satellite. Neither of which were fast or reliable. The folks at LiveAir, a Regional Service Provider based in Smithville, Texas decided that these choices weren’t acceptable. 

Delivering high-speed, carrier-class services to rural is a challenge. Typically building such a network is costly and requires dedicated staff with extensive experience. LiveAir wanted to bring carrier-grade Internet services to small rural Texas communities but do so in a cost effective manner with limited staff. ‘Thinking outside of the box’ is an over-used phrase applied to many things but in the case of LiveAir, they went outside the box by building their own box! LiveAir built their own low-cost POP’s (point of presence) and install them in unique places to enable Internet connectivity. There are other ‘out-of-the-box’ tactics and future planning that helped LiveAir deliver carrier-grade services to rural Texas. 

To find out how LiveAir enabled carrier-grade Internet services to rural Texas in a cost competitive manner, you can read the case study on the website