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Why Businesses need a Network Fabric

by stpsmith ‎09-27-2016 02:00 PM - edited ‎09-30-2016 11:51 AM (3,410 Views)

The needs of any business change rapidly in today’s market. Information technology and the networks they are built on are critical to business process and communications. Change is never easy, simple, or without risk.  The world is moving to faster iteration, nimble deployment, and dynamic scale.


An Operational and Capital Cost Nightmare

These changes make it hard to plan for information infrastructure in the classic ways: First determine if you have adequate space, power, and HVAC for the physical equipment. Then, if the location supports the additional physical equipment for your business growth, you must consider where you will store the extra equipment (whether beside the original as the redundant unit, in storage, or for deployment at later time to another site.) This process creates a cumbersome and complex network and  becomes an operational and capitol cost nightmare which does not scale.


The question is, when does all of this change? Does business continue to operate with an inefficient network design where the equipment does not simply fit in, or move to a network that removes the complexities of the physical equipment limitations and designed fast insertion, easy to deploy and adaptable?


Network Fabric


Escaping the Cycle with a Network Fabric

This new flexible, scalable, and interoperable infrastructure is the network fabric. A network fabric is a self-contained network that allows you to add VNFs at the speed of your business needs without the delays seen when deploying physical equipment. 


Brocade Vyatta Network OS as a VNF Platform for vCPE

Brocade Vyatta Network OS as a VNF platform for vCPE creates this network fabric.  Brocade’s solution is designed to provide full router capabilities and a hypervisor to support VNFs.  It gives you the ability to change as your business requirements change and at the speed of your business. The business must have the infrastructure to support its needs and ensure it is safe from all the cyber-threats attacking business networks today.  One of the most important VNFs that must be deployed on the platform to protect your network fabric is your enterprise firewall VNF.  


Brocade and Fortinet Unite in Enterprise Firewall Solution

Brocade has partnered with Fortinet to provide this very protection.  The Fortinet enterprise firewall has been designed to be easily deployed into network fabric created by Brocade’s VNF platform and provide multi-layered cooperative protection for any of the deployed VNFs and to protect the platform from being comprised.


You have decision to make, do you continue to build a costly, complex, non-scalable network or use a flexible, scalable, easy to use and secure network fabric.  With Brocade’s VNF platform and the Fortinet firewall you have a secure, easy to use network fabric that is designed to support your network long into the future.



To learn more, read this soltuion brief: Fortinet and Brocade Integrated Security Solution