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What's the buzz about SDN & NFV?

by Joanna Lee ‎07-16-2014 03:14 PM - edited ‎07-24-2014 09:59 AM (8,217 Views)

I entered Brocade as a summer intern with eager eyes and a hunger to learn. I was excited for everything, literally everything – my own taupe colored cube, the fact that my desk was a transformer, all the cool people I would meet just turning a corner, the ever-changing food menu; the list was endless. But about halfway into my first day, I had been hit by a massive wall, a wall of words that is. Despite the excitement, I was, admittedly, bruised. I couldn’t help but feel bombarded by a seemingly endless stream of acronyms, abbreviations, and various other terminologies around campus. Who would have known that a few letters squished together designed to help people better keep track of terms would end up being more confusing?


Then it dawned on me. Why not incorporate some visuals into the mix? To someone with a decent artistic background (I passed middle school art class) the solution would seem obvious. What better way to organize a bunch of words than to arrange them in some visually appealing fashion? The wall of words suddenly seemed scalable and the thrill returned to my veins (but that’s coming from someone whose skin tingles at the mention of tertiary colors). I decided to commit a sizeable portion of my internship trying to make some sense of these various terms and hence the Brocade Terminology Guide was born.


Over the course of the next few weeks, this Guide will aim to help people better understand, organize, and absorb a portion of the many terms around campus by use of strong visuals. Every week, new posts will be available on Brocade Communities and will be focused around a certain theme. Be sure to also join the conversation on social media via #BRCDology. Each post will be accompanied by a quick blurb about the post and theme. However, note that some concepts are quite complex. The guide’s intention is to better clarify some salient points, not to fully exhaust an explanation.


Since this week marks the launch of the Guide, it will be all about going Back to Basics. The terms “SDN” and “NFV” vibrate at a constant stream around here and throughout the networking industry, as if someone whispers it through the walls. So, what really is the buzz about SDN and NFV? Find out below!


- Joanna & BRCDology


PS. Stay tuned for more: Next week is Acronym Bootcamp -- do the drills with a series of posts that will help you organize some acronyms into different categories. 

Back to Basics: SDN & NFV