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What is Brocade up to at Open Networking Summit 2013?

by mschiff on ‎04-10-2013 03:09 PM (1,990 Views)

In just five days, the third Open Networking Summit kicks off in Santa Clara, California.  Brocade will be there, will you?  Whether you are attending or not (maybe you’re just waiting for the presentations to be made available online…it’s a lot cheaper…), I want to give a preview of what types of things you can expect to hear and see from Brocade in the halls of the great Santa Clara Convention Center.

In preparation for this year’s event, it was clear that the focus of this ONS will be on SDN that is actually seeing the light of day in real world production environments and this is a key message Brocade will have on display.  For example, in our booth (Booth #102), you will see two demos; one showing how Brocade is implementing OpenFlow on its high-performance routing and switch product lines in Hybrid Port Mode. This is an innovation that only Brocade can offer to customers so they can easily deploy OpenFlow into existing networks as an overlay by running OpenFlow traffic concurrently with traditional routed traffic on the same port.  In another demo, we will show a proof of concept of OpenFlow simplifying operations for a high-value software application for real-time network analytics.  In addition to the OpenFlow demos, come by and learn about some of Brocade’s other SDN innovations such as Vyatta and how their software networking solutions can empower an SDN.  Although, the OpenStack Summit is happening the same week up in Portland, you can swing by the Brocade booth at ONS to hear how Brocade is taking OpenStack to the next level across its product portfolio for agile cloud orchestration. Brocade was a hardware company from the start so of course we will have some gear at the booth that is centerpiece to our SDN strategy; the MLX Series Core Router, VDX Series Ethernet Fabric Switch, and ADX Series Application Delivery Switch.  You can also stop by the NEC booth to see the Brocade MLXe in action in an interoperability demonstration showcasing our commitment to open SDN solutions.

On Tuesday, during lunch and when the exhibits will see the most amount of foot traffic, Brocade will present on its unique and differentiated approach to OpenFlow with key benefits, applications, and use cases for Hybrid Port Mode that customers are looking at and implementing today. Come by the exhibition hall theater at 1pm on April 16 for this is fascinating presentation. On Wednesday, the final day of the conference, Brocade’s Service Provider business CTO and chief scientist, David Meyer will join the closing panel with representatives from Verizon, VMware, and LightSpeed Ventures and chaired by overall event chair Guru Parulkar.

All in all, ONS promises to be a very interesting and educational event.  I am especially looking forward to hear what the SDN users have to say, such as entities from the service provider, cloud, Web2.0, and research and education spaces.   What about you?

Check out the Brocade Communities Event Page for more information on our involvement at ONS.