Vote by Feb 23 for Brocade’s OpenStack Vancouver Session Submissions

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Brocade session submissions for the OpenStack Summit Vancouver are in, and voting is open.

If you’re registered on you can vote until Mon Feb 23, 5pm CT. Get your votes in!


Here are the session candidates from Brocade, primarily customer and partner collaborations:


Automating an agile infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of the On-Demand Data Center. How to build an intelligent infrastructure with elastic scaling, self-service automation and adaptive capabilities to guarantee performance in large scale OpenStack cloud. Presenters: Madhu Kashyap, Prakash Kaligotla (Brocade)


Taking Monasca to the Next Level: Fabric and Storage Monitoring Services. How the newly proposed Monasca project is evolving to incorporate fabric and storage metrics supporting a deeper level of monitoring and alerting that can identify health, performance and other vulnerabilities that can impact SLA. Presenters: Bradley Klein (Time Warner Cable), Garth Booth and Roland Hochmuth (HP), Andre Beausoleil (Brocade)


OpenStack Fabric Management: Enabling support for FC and Converged Fabric Management. How the Cinder community will evolve OpenStack services to integrate fabric management capabilities by leveraging the ANSI VSAN and Converged Fabric standards. Presenters: Garth Booth (HP), Andre Beausoleil (Brocade)


Open Source Network Virtualization: Fantasy, Wishful Thinking, or Reality? This session describes the moving parts of such a solution and why it is a viable alternative to the solutions that land in the vendor-proprietary camp. Presenters: Thomas Nadeau (Brocade), Chris Wright (RedHat)


OpenStack and Open Daylight: The Way Forward. Kyle Mestrey (Neutron PTL), Colin Dixon (OpenDaylight Technical Steering Committee Chair) and Chris Wright (Red Hat Director of Networking) will discuss the past, present and future of the relationship between OpenStack and OpenDaylight. Presenters: Kyle Mestrey (Neutron), Colin Dixon (OpenDaylight), Chris Wright (Red Hat)


Docker Networking Orchestration using OpenStack. Introduce various OpenSource efforts to fill this gap like SocketPlane, Weave, Flannel, Project Calico and the idea of pluggable Docker networking back-end. Presenters: Sriram Natarajan (Deutsche Telekom), Sridhar Ramaswamy, Karthik Natarajan (Brocade)


Intelligent NFV Service Orchestration using OpenStack. Intelligent orchestration use-cases, benefits of implementing, deploying virtual routers, load balancers and enterprise workloads on commodity servers while enhancing utilization, without compromising on performance and trust objectives as part of using the OpenStack cloud. Presenters: Mrittika Ganguli (Intel), Karthik Natarajan (Brocade)


Tacker Virtual Network Function Lifecycle Management for OpenStack. We will discuss OpenStack Tacker, a network service lifecycle management project started during the Juno cycle with contributors from Brocade, Cisco, Intel, and other companies. Presenters: Isaku Yamahata (Intel), Sridhar Ramaswamy (Brocade), Stephen Wong


Edge VPN for WAN Orchestration. How OpenStack can be utilized to provision edge VPN services and how a Neutron network can be bridged to that edge VPN. Presenters: Mathieu Rohon (Orange), Mohammad Hanif (Brocade), Vikram Choudhary


Scaling Neutron with ML2 Hierarchical Networks. Presenters: Robert Kukura (Cisco), Arvind Somya (Cisco), Sukhdev Kapur (Arista), Shiv Haris (Brocade)


[Panel] All Together Now: OSS Cross-Collaboration For a Network-Enabled Cloud. Join us for a panel to learn how OpenDaylight, OpenStack, Open vSwitch, OPNFV projects cross-collaborate to attain a shared goal. Presenters: Neela Jacques (OpenDaylight), Colin Dixon (OpenDaylight/Brocade), Kyle Mestery (OpenStack Neutron), Christopher Price (OPNFV/Ericsson), Justin Pettit (Open vSwitch/VMware)


Role of NFV Research in Open Source and Open Standards. Presenters: Ram (Ramki) Krishnan (Brocade), Diego Lopez (Telefonica), Dilip Krishnaswamy (IBM), Steven Wright (ETSI NFV ISG), Prodip Sen (HP)


Helping Telcos go Green and save OpEx via Policy. We describe an open architecture for automating resource optimization, where operators provide a policy describing how workloads ought to be optimized, and OpenStack continually monitors and migrates workloads to satisfy that policy. Presenters: Ramki Krishnan, Norival Figueira (Brocade), Tim Hinrichs (Congress/VMware), Ruby Krishnaswamy (IBM), Gokul Kandiraju, Prabhakar Kudva