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VMworld 2015 Preview: Automation & Orchestration

by Jeni Lloyd ‎08-20-2015 09:00 AM - edited ‎10-07-2015 07:24 AM (11,038 Views)

The global criticality of the network was underscored in a Brocade CIO survey earlier this year where more than 75% of respondents felt the network was an issue in achieving their organizations goal. Finally, the network is getting the visibility it has long deserved as the lifeblood of every organization across the world. Now, we can go all out and become network experts in our "spare" time, or – as we would recommend – we can look to the network experts to automate and integrate into the SDDC, and keep the complexity under wraps.


As VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger recently pointed out, "The essence of SDDC is automation."


Everyone wants to accelerate their business and deliver services to their customers as quickly as humanly possible. Which, despite best efforts, has proved slow and risky in recent years. What we've now pivoted to is as fast as technically possible, through automation. The term could be simply interpreted as the translation of manual processes into programmable elements. That approach does carry risk though. The real goal should be to automate the best version of each process and ensure each automated element is seamlessly integrated into the whole. For that, you need specialized expertise.


Bleeding edge IT organizations are bringing that expertise in-house and building their own cloud orchestration platforms with the help of open source tools and teams of developers. For many, that route isn't cost-effective. On top of costly personnel and technology investments, companies can't afford to wait for the culture change often required before the real benefits are realized. That's where Brocade and VMware come in, helping companies move faster with the infrastructure they already have through out-of-the-box integration and automation that's built on a foundation of years of experience in networking at scale.


At VMworld Barcelona in a few days, the Brocade team will demonstrate several integrations that are already helping customers smooth the way to the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).


Here are a few highlights:


  1. Automation by design. SAN and IP integrations with vRealize Operations Insight bring storage and IP network health metrics together into easy-to-use dashboard views. The built-in recommendations as well as the learning capabilities in Log Insight take a lot of the guesswork out of troubleshooting VM or application performance issues, essential for those with minimal networking exposure.
  2. Simplicity and resiliency. Brocade's VCS Gateway for VMware NSX bridges the physical and virtual without compromising resiliency or performance. Under the hood, our fabric technologies mask complexity with logical management of the underlay and automate tasks in self-forming, self-healing networks.

  3. Deep network insights and best practices. While our vRealize integrations give virtualization administrators a high level view, Brocade Network Advisor takes it to the next level. For example, essential steps like backing up configurations, keeping an audit trail, and covering your back for security and compliance are simple, automated tasks across virtual and physical resources. 


Come by booth 412 to check out the demos and talk to experts, or visit us at


Note: This blog was originally written in September for VMworld US. It has been updated to reflect Brocade's presence at VMworld Barcelona in October.