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The business case for the Vyatta 5600 vRouter

by Kelly.Herrell on ‎09-18-2013 03:05 AM (2,285 Views)

Last October the world’s largest Telco Service Providers collectively published the now-famous paper titled, “Network Functions Virtualisation,” which is serving as a call-to-action for the industry.  Less than a year later, Brocade announces our next-generation Vyatta vRouter, the 5600.


The industry-leading Vyatta 5400 vRouter has been in production for years and is deployed worldwide. It’s a fantastic solution for multitenant workloads and is deployed in some of the largest clouds, including Amazon, Rackspace and SoftLayer. But the new Telco-driven NFV demand is different. It requires a new level of performance from a virtual router.


This is a critical business issue. The NFV movement is in pursuit of a tremendous boost in network agility in order to enable Telcos to stay competitive. They need an order of magnitude improvement in their time-to-market and adaptation of service offerings to rapidly changing demand dynamics. They also need to get their infrastructure down to an entirely new cost model.


To get there, Telcos will begin deploying substantial parts of their network infrastructure on industry standard x86 servers. If you haven’t looked close lately, the servers that Telcos will be using are the most network-centric the world has ever seen. The NFV business case assumes that software can take advantage of this modern hardware.


This is the business value of the new Brocade Vyatta 5600 vRouter. Re-architected specifically to leverage Intel’s latest and greatest, the 5600 is the world’s first virtual router for NFV workloads. With speeds that are a full 10x faster than our popular 5400 model, the 5600 can unleash the power of incredibly cost-effective servers and deliver customers a solution that enables them to meet their strategic goals of radically higher agility and lower cost.


It’s not a coincidence that the 5600 is following closely on the heels of the NFV movement; it is proof that Brocade is listening to customers and is aggressively delivering solutions to meet their rapidly changing needs. As Vyatta we invented the virtual router category; as Brocade we're rapidly taking it to new heights.