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OpenStack Tokyo - Vote Now for Brocade Speakers

by Jeni Lloyd ‎07-24-2015 09:30 AM - edited ‎07-27-2015 10:24 AM (5,442 Views)

Voting is now open for OpenStack Tokyo (Oct 27 - 30). Brocade developers, OpenStack experts and our partners have submitted a number of thought-provoking sessions. Vote now! If you're not already registered, sign up at first. Voting closes on July 30 at 11:59PM Pacific Time, Make your votes count! Here are Brocade's top picks:


Implementing Enterprise Class, Fibre Channel based, highly available flash storage in your private cloud

Presenters: Simon Dodsley (Pure Storage), Patrick East (Pure Storage), Angela Smith (Brocade)


Edge VPN: Service framework API and L2 VPN demo

Presenters: Mohammad Hanif (Brocade), Angela Smith (Brocade), Vikram Choudhary (Huawei)


State of Neutron VPN as a Service

Presenters: Sridhar Ramaswamy (Brocade), Paul Michali (VPNaaS Sub-Team), Mohammad Hanif (Brocade)


Multi-vendor NFV Orchestration using OpenStack Tacker

Presenters: Sridhar Ramaswamy (Brocade), Bob Haddleton (Alcatel-Lucent), Stephen Wong


The MOC Big Data Testbed: Evaluating tierd storage, novel networking and on-demand Big-Data for data-science on OpenStack

Presenters: Ata Turk (Massachusetts Open Cloud & Boston University), William Nelson (Lenovo), Madhu Kashyap (Brocade), Zhidong Yu (Intel)


Automating Underlay and Overlay networks using OpenStack Neutron

Presenters: Madhu Kashyap (Brocade), Hugo Rivero (Red Hat), Ritesh Madapurath (Brocade)


Topology awareness in Openstack

Presenters: Shiv Haris (Brocade), Gary Kotton (VMware), Arvind Somya


Are you devstuck? Getting the setup right

Presenters: Sripriya Seetharam (Brocade), Jeff Rametta (Brocade)


Two-steps to reduce Plugin testing and certification time

Presenter: Harsha Ramamurthy (Brocade)


OpenStack Neutron FWaaS roadmap

Presenters: Sridar Kandaswamy (Cisco), German Eichberger (HP & Co-PTL of OpenStack Octavia), Sameer Satyam (Rackspace), Vishwanath Jayaraman (Brocade), James Arendt (HP), Susanne Balle (HP)


Get to know the nuts and bolts of the OpenDaylight OVSDB/net-virt with OpenStack Neutron for Tenant Virtual Networking

Presenters: Swaminathan Vasudevan (HP), Flavio Fernandes (Red Hat), Sam Hague (ODL OVSDB PTL & Red Hat), Anil Vishnoi (Brocade)


Hands-on-Lab: OpenStack and OpenDaylight Together

Presenters: Swaminathan Vasudevan (HP), Flavio Fernandes (Red Hat), Sam Hague (ODL OVSDB PTL & Red Hat), Anil Vishnoi (Brocade)