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ONOS and Linux Foundation: A Win for Open Source

by Tom Nadeau ‎10-13-2015 09:00 AM - edited ‎10-13-2015 01:21 PM (5,432 Views)

The Linux Foundation recently announced that the ONOS Project and its constituent staff will be joining as a new project under the Linux Foundation Umbrella.


Similar to the views of Neela Jacques, OpenDaylight’s Executive Director, we at Brocade think this is great news for developers and users alike. OpenDaylight (ODL) has been built with the support of most of the industry’s vendors and network operators to be a general-purpose SDN controller platform. As a founding member with a pure-play, supported commercial distribution of ODL, Brocade has a strong commitment to open networking, open source and ODL in particular.


In addition to the technical merits of the ODL platform, we feel the Linux Foundation and ODL Project itself have done a great job of providing the type of governance and cultural tone to foster a broad, diverse and engaged community. The community includes commercial networking and services suppliers as well as independent developers and operations personnel from user organizations, and has created a vibrant collaborative SDN ecosystem in a short period of time. Many of The ODL user advisory board members are actively deploying the platform, as are a number of other leading organizations, generally in collaboration with contributing supplier companies, such as Brocade.



OpenDaylight Project's Advisory Group


ONOS was founded to focus intently on maturing a certain subset of use cases of particular interest to service providers. A number of individuals, both developers and users, have been active in both the ODL and ONOS efforts and share ideas between them, so the incorporation of ONOS into The Linux Foundation will be a natural opportunity for more collaboration between the two projects. We hope that this new partnership will enhance The ODL platform.


To this end, we very much welcome our ONOS colleagues into The Linux Foundation and hope to collaborate with them very soon on the OpenDaylight Project.