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Making an Innovator, a Network Original

by jcall on ‎02-22-2016 11:57 AM - last edited on ‎03-02-2016 02:27 PM by ShelbyKhan (3,400 Views)

Brocade: NFV and SDN Innovator


Some of you may recognize the name Brocade. Yes, you may know Brocade as the leading supplier of data center networking products, and have heard of their IP connectivity and enterprise mobility solutions. But we’d like you to consider another side of Brocade -- a side deep-rooted in the enabling technologies currently shaping and redefining communication networks, namely Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).


In the court of public opinion, Brocade’s solutions are redefining the world’s best networks. In this briefing we present you with some evidence that will showcase Brocade’s innovation in network virtualization. You’ll learn of the technology background story and Brocade’s support of open initiatives. You’ll also learn how they’ve been set up as a leader in SDN and NFV.


An Open Case in Virtual Transformation

SDN is the ability to virtualize a network and modify it rapidly as needed. NFV is the conversion of a physical network function to a software version running on a cloud infrastructure. While these technologies are independent, they also work together to provide more benefits to mobile service providers. And to meet the explosive capacity demands of mobile traffic on networks, a new and open technology ecosystem has evolved that bridges both telecom and IT.


As the evidence will show, Brocade is part of this new, open technology ecosystem. In fact, Brocade has been an early supporter of open-source initiatives, including OpenFlow, OpenDaylight, and OpenStack. Let the record show that the Brocade SDN Controller was the first commercial controller built directly from OpenDaylight (ODL) code, without any proprietary extensions or platform dependencies. Exhibit A details an example of Brocade’s work with OpenDaylight and OpenStack.


Exhibit A

Brocade's work with OpenDaylight and OpenStack


Who Recognized Brocade as a Leader in SDN and NFV?

Several have witnessed Brocade’s leadership in SDN and NFV. In 2015, Brocade won a Leading Lights Award in two distinct categories: the Brocade SDN Controller won for Most Innovative SDN Product Strategy, and the Brocade Virtual Evolved Pack Core (vEPC) solution won Best New Product for Mobile. Brocade has also been selected as one of the Top 10 SDN Market Leaders in Data Center and Enterprise in 2016 by CRN. See Exhibit B for details.


Exhibit B

CRN Top 10 List


Now, we know that to some, seeing is believing. We submit to you three other ways to substantiate the above. At Mobile World Congress 2016, we invite you to check out the evidence that corroborates these facts at the HPE OpenNFV Partner Pavilion (in Hall 5, F31), Brocade’s Hospitality Suite (Hall 2, Suite 2G29), and/or on the guided 5G and NFV Tour where Brocade is being highlighted as an NFV destination. Exhibit C, information on the 5G and NFV Tour and how to register, has been added into evidence for completion.


Exhibit C

Mobile World Congress 2016


Ladies and gentlemen, the above exhibits have been submitted for discovery. We encourage you to thoroughly look over the evidence and talk with our experts at Mobile World Congress. We thank you for the opportunity to present this information on Brocade, and look forward to meeting you in Barcelona.