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Interesting Brocade Submissions for OpenStack Summit Atlanta

by lcaywood ‎02-25-2014 10:01 PM - edited ‎02-26-2014 10:17 AM (4,336 Views)

For the OpenStack Summit taking place in Atlanta in May 2014, Brocade and its partners and customers have put together a series of proposed talks that will speak to a range of interests. In some cases, two related sessions can be thought of as “Part I” and “Part II” of a topic, with Part II providing greater technical detail. I’ve provided very brief summaries of the talks below. You can learn more by clicking on the links.


Of course, submissions are put up to popular vote, so please take the time to vote for sessions that pique your interest. Once registered on, you can vote for any (or all!) of these sessions. Voting closes on Sunday, March 2nd.


The Big Picture: Bringing Together Orchestration and SDN


OpenStack Integration with Open Daylight: State of the Union and Future Directions (Dave Meyer with Kyle Mestery, Cisco)


This talk will focus on learnings from the OpenDaylight Hydrogen release, the current status of OpenDaylight/OpenStack integration, and what is in the queue for the next release of OpenDaylight and beyond.


Using OpenDaylight Within an OpenStack Environment (Dave Meyer with Kyle Mestery, Cisco and Madhu Venguopal and Brent Salisbury :cathappy:, Red Hat)


This talk will show you how to use OpenDaylight with OpenStack, including setup and debug of the environment. We will walk through technical details of the implementation and show examples of the benefits of using OpenDaylight to scale virtual tenant networks with OpenStack Neutron.


Case Studies From Active OpenStack Users


Brocade Vyatta: Deployment of OpenStack and SDN (Karthik Natarajan, with Alex Susset, Vodafone)


In this session, the audience will hear from Vodafone and Brocade about use-cases and benefits of using virtual routers, and how they work as part of the Openstack cloud.


Exploring Fibre Channel Storage for Private Cloud at Time Warner Cable (Andre Beausoleil with Dave Medberry, TWC)


Time Warner Cable and Brocade will discuss the technical details of a proof-of-concept for automating Cinder SAN volume creation, managing ephemeral storage, and utilizing existing FC zones.


How OpenStack, Red Hat and Brocade propel SiriusXM to the Open Cloud(Didier Stolpe with Arun Kathirvelraj, SiriusXM)


SiriusXM and Brocade will share their experiences and technical details setting up an OpenStack private cloud that fully automates Neutron networks creation and policies management for workload instances throughout their lifecycle.


Sneak Peeks of New Capabilities for the OpenStack Project


A La Carte Resource Scheduling for the Network Bazaar: A Hadron Technology Demonstration (Steve Weston and Karthik Natarajan)


This session will show how Hadron pre-allocates compute resources and orchestrates the creation of virtual machines as "advanced services instances" on hosts in the cloud, based on configurable criteria.


Supporting Network Scalability with Resource Allocation: Hadron API Design Principles  (Steve Weston and Karthik Natarajan) 


This session will focus on the design criteria for the Hadron API and set the stage for community discussions around network resource allocation.


Increasing Network and Energy Efficiency via Optimized NFV Placement in Openstack Clouds (Ramki Krishnan with Debo Dutta and Yathiraj Udupi, Cisco and Diego Lopez, Telefonica)


This talk focuses on the deployment of NFV services in multiple NFV Data Centers (DCs) interconnected by MAN/WAN using a cluster of OpenStack instances using constraint-based SolverSchedulers proposed in Nova to optimally place NFV VMs in OpenStack clouds.


Orchestrating Inter-Datacenter Connectivity (Karthik Natarajan and Mohammed Hanif with Tianran Zhou, Huawei)


MPLS technology enables the deployment of layer 2 and layer 3 VPNs between data centers with QoS guarantees to provide inter-data center connectivity. In this session we will discuss how to orchestrate inter-DC multi-tenancy in an Openstack Cloud environment using the MPLS Neutron API proposal


We hope you’ll join us for these sessions in Atlanta!