Helping Customers Gain Network Agility with SDN Apps

by Sultan Dawood on ‎06-04-2015 03:15 PM (4,810 Views)

It's no secret that SDN is one of the technologies that the industry is rallying behind with the intent that it will have a significant impact on network transformation. SDN will make networks more agile by introducing programmability and scalability in the network while making it operationally simple. This next generation network, also known as the New IP, is all about applications and how they interact with each other to ultimately deliver a superior on demand user experience.


While SDN simplifies network design and operations and allows customers to deploy new services in a matter of hours or days versus weeks or months, it also plays a key role in applications. SDN applications can have huge impact on networks in terms of managing network bandwidth, providing service availability and improving quality of service (QoS). Both enterprise and service provider customers continue to deal with network related challenges such as capacity planning, network resource utilization and network performance resulting from things like congestion and security attacks. Using SDN applications, customers can reduce their overall cost, improve customer experience and deliver new monetization opportunities ultimately enhancing the network’s overall business value.


Industry standards continue to evolve with the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) continued support for OpenFlow, the leading protocol for SDN. The flexibility of the OpenFlow protocol allows customers to use SDN applications and in turn address different network uses cases. These include but are not limited to network attack mitigation, application traffic control and traffic mirroring. Being a standard protocol, OpenFlow can help create multi-vendor environments. When combined with SDN controllers based on OpenDaylight, customers can avoid vendor lock in and avoid deploying proprietary solutions, something that has been a long time concern.


While customers are looking for solutions to real business challenges, they can use SDN applications to optimize their networks as they march towards cloud services addressing things like network performance.