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Diary of an Interop Exhibitor

by Josh.Dreyfuss on ‎05-07-2013 02:27 PM (1,527 Views)

Brocade is at Interop, Las Vegas this year, sharing the latest on the On-Demand Data Center. This is my first Interop, so I decided that I’d keep a daily diary of the experiences of a booth exhibitor. I’ll be updating this blog throughout the event, so stay tuned for latest. In the meantime, if you’re at Interop, come visit me in the Brocade booth, #815! If you’re real nice to me, maybe I’ll even mention you in the blog.

Monday, 5/6: I’m here at Mandalay Bay and everything looks great. I’m getting excited to begin tomorrow! First thing I did was take the long walk over to the exhibition hall and register in the wrong section. Off to a good start! The booth is excellent. I did a walk around, and the theater and the Ethernet Fabrics and Vyatta vRouter demo spaces are set up and looking fancy. Now the space I’m most interested in (which has nothing to do with the fact that it’s my space), our More Information pod, is coming together quite well. The More Info pod sign, highlighting Brocade’s Network Functions Virtualization portfolio, OpenFlow solutions, and OpenStack plugins, turned out really well. The expo starts tomorrow, so today is all about preparing and getting acquainted with the space and schedule. As a hardworking booth exhibitor, I surely won’t have time to check out the pool or any such amenities.


Tuesday, 5/7: The expo hall opened today, kicking off the festivities. We had a sizeable crowd come through, everyone all bushy-tailed and bright eyed at the start of things. I had some great conversations with people about Brocade’s SDN vision and how we’re differentiating with Hybrid Port Mode and our hardware-enabled OpenFlow. A good number of folks are interested in our Vyatta vRouter as well. Overall throughout Interop, there is a substantial interest in SDN and Network Functions Virtualization. I’m looking forward to seeing the future developments in those spaces.

Wednesday, 5/8: The full expo day kicked off today, and it was a packed slate! I barely had time to grab lunch, but these are the sacrifices of a noble booth exhibitor I suppose. I had a lot of excellent conversations with people today, from discussing some use cases of SDN outside of the data center (like in the WAN, for example) to talking about the role of OpenStack and orchestration in networks. Our video guys stopped by the booth to check in on everything toward the end of the day and put me on camera for a short spell. Coming over at the end of the day was a bit unfair for my personal vanity, but hopefully the good stuff came across. We had quite the crowd gather when it was time to announce the five winners of our daily giveaway (five people who register the most steps on the pedometers we’re handing out win $100 each). There’s still one more round on Thursday, so if you're attending Interop and haven’t picked one up yet, stop by our booth and we’ll give you a pedometer. Hope to see you there!


Thursday, 5/9: The final day of the Interop expo came quickly, and it was a good one. I had a few great conversations about Brocade’s solutions in the data center core and interconnecting distributed enterprise data centers with the MLXe. Definitely some positive responses to Brocade’s VPLS load balancing capabilities. The biggest hit of the Brocade booth was likely the pedometer giveaways however. We had a great crowd gather to see our theater presentation and pedometer winners. I had to leave a little early to catch my flight (which was of course summarily delayed), but overall Interop was a lot of fun. I met some quality people and enjoyed talking about networking. Until next year!