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Cloud Networking: Scaling Data Centers and Connecting Users

by on ‎04-10-2014 09:14 AM (1,468 Views)

While the business promise of cloud computing is broad, there are a few basic enabling themes underlying an effective cloud design:

  • Highly dynamic, on-demand infrastructure
  • Granular service control levels
  • Extremely high infrastructure utilization

As cloud moves from vision to reality, networking quickly moves to the front as a major impediment to meeting these major requirements. The reason is simple: traditional networking infrastructure has not been modernized the way server and storage infrastructure has been over the past decade.
The inability to treat networking workloads with the same agility
as other parts of the infrastructure has a huge and compounding effect on the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire cloud. Software-based networking is the most effective way to deploy critical networking tasks while meeting the fundamental business requirements of a cloud.